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Tue Nov 29 19:11:05 CST 2005

Greetings dear Marie,

>   It is by *no* means a given that an association with a peer is
> going to get someone their own peerage.  At least not in this kingdom!  

This is good to hear as it gives people who foul up a chance to 
redeem themselves should they transgress.

> As a peer, I'd certainly want to hear about my student's progress, or about
> things that might be hindering her progress.  I haven't been in on a
> candidate discussion yet, I don't think (and I've been doing this for a
> while now), in which the candidate's character didn't come up as a quality
> for observation in some fashion.

This is good to know. I have wonder about a "favoritism" thing when the
peer and apprentice/protege are "good buds" and behavior just get waved
off as nothing of consequence. Which is why I wanted to know who else I
could turn to for assistance in this matter. It is good for the general populace
to know that there is a recourse available provided there is proof of offense
done by an apprentice/protege. It is good to see that the Society has balances
and checks.

You have been most kind and helpful,
So many thanks,

Rowena of Falkirk
"Luminous beings are we." - Yoda

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