[Artemisia] Missing rattan sword

Jeff Webster red_belt at msn.com
Tue Oct 4 10:12:40 CDT 2005

Greetings to the List
  Greetings to all the gentle fighters of the Kingdom as well. 
  Goode gentles, I have a favor to ask of all the good gentle hard suit fighters that attended the recent Coronation of our honored Monarchs, Morgan and Esebell.
  On the tourney list field there was a chain link fence to the west and near where the Knights were standing, awaiting their turn on the field in the Kings Champion tourney, and there I placed a rattan sword. It was leaning against the fence about 50 feet from the building that is to the north of the list fields.
  When I retired from the Queens Champion list I inadvertently left my sword still leaning on that fence. 
   The sword has a golden gilt basket hilt of welded steel rod in the design of the Sir Sikkman the Stout hilt (many of you know of this design). The blade is black with a white strip denoting the cutting edge and thrusting tip. There is a small black leather trigger as well as a black cord "tether" with a sliding leather tightener. 
   The goode Sheriff of One Thousand Eyes has not had this item turned into him as lost or found. It is my hope that it was mixed in with someone else's things and that if you were to do an inventory of your items that you brought home, you may find an extra sword in the mix. If someone finds it and believes it is mine, please email me and I will make arrangements to procure it once more.
  Thank you for your time in this matter.

red_belt at msn.com

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