[Artemisia] Crown Tournament Schedule

Willa - Rose yasmeena at juno.com
Wed Oct 5 11:40:48 CDT 2005

Greetings All,

Here is the schedule:
4pm Site Opens
6pm Winery Tour caravans from site
8pm The Prancing Moose Tavern Opens for Gaming

8:30am Troll & Info points Open
9am Breakfast Fundraiser at The Prancing Moose
--- Lure-coursing 
--- Archery shoot
--- Crown List Opens
--- Arena Opens
--- A&S Display Opens
10am Eq. Authorizations Begin
--- 10-11 Pewter Casting in Soapstone part I... $6, limit 10... THL
--- 10-11 Intro to Period Fencing.... 16 & up, no charge... Lord Blaise
--- 10-11 Heraldry... no charge, no limit... Master Brendan
--- 10-12pm French Tarots... ages 16 & up, no charge, limit 12... Baron
--- Peer Circles beginning w/ Chivalry first
11:30pm Crown List Closes
--- Armor Inspection
12pm Opening Court Followed by the Crown Tournament
4pm A&S Display Closes
6pm Feast & Bard of Artemisia Competition Followed by Court
After Court, Introduction to Italian Dance... w/ Baron Niccolo 

8:30am Troll & Info points Open
10am Eq. warm-up
--- 10-12pm Basics of Period Navigation... no charge, limit 12 ... Baron
--- 11-12pm Pewter Casting in Soapstone part II... THL Gilliana
11:30am Mounted Processional to Titlyard 
12pm  Jousting Demo and the Kingdom Equestrian Championship Tournament
1pm War Practice
4pm Strike Campsites to CLOSE

Please remember to volunteer. We need heralds, waterbearers, staff for
the Constable and Chirugeons.

That is all,
Yaasamiina & Guillaume

Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Ala'iyiyya OL, OP, Cd'O, etc. 
"The Equestrian Mistress"
Minister of the Royal Stables of Artemisia 
Mounted Companion of the Lance of St. Anne 

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