[Artemisia] ATTENTION: Marco's challenge for HARVEST COURT

Jeff Brainard marcocaprioli at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 22:47:31 CDT 2005

Fellow Artemisians, for you attending Harvest Court in Sentinel's Keep
for the investiture of Adne and Judith, I've a special challenge. As
most of you know, I strive for excellence in my personal development in
our Society and to help others attain it also. I am especially
interested in developing an SCA "kit" that is appropriate for the time
and place in which I have focused my energies. For me, it's 1340-1365
in the generalized style of the European continent. For you, it's
probably different. I'm interested in YOU developing your persona and
making your "kit" harmonize with that. 

To this end, I am sponsoring at Harvest Court a prize competition in
appropriate and historically accurate TABLE SETTING that should fit
your persona. I place a great deal of emphasis on it fitting with the
time and place in which your persona resides. I encourage the use of
some documentation: nothing "zowee, she spent forever on this!", but
enough to state your goals and how you've achieved them--pictoral
documentation (cite!) is great. 

As the prize for this competition, I offer up to you of Artemisia a
pair of very nice wrought iron candlesticks. I will post pictures in
the list's files tomorrow, but take my word for it, I'm almost not
giving them away they're so neato.

Hope to see all of you at Harvest Court! I'll have some great, warm fur
hats to sell and lots of other boffo stuff, too!

Marco dei Caprioli

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