[Artemisia] Tourney Circuit Finals

DK Wickstrom dkwickstrom at cableone.net
Tue Oct 11 14:43:32 CDT 2005

At 07:54 AM 10/11/2005, you wrote:
>At Crown Tourney it was my honor and priviledge of announcing the winner 
>of our first Tourney Circuit, His Lordship Hrothgar Hrothgarson!  He was 
>given a beautiful gauntlet crafted by His Royal Majesty to use until the 
>next season is over and he hands it along to the next winner.

         I catch him using that gauntlet and he'll be wearing his spleen 
for a hat....


         Now, if he wants one he can use, we can talk....   ;-)

DK Wickstrom, ska Morgan d'Antioche
DarkHeart Armoury "...a tradition of Fine, Custom Armour
since last Tuesday."

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