[Artemisia] Schedule for Harvest Court

Alice deirdre_alice at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 05:31:23 CDT 2005

Good morning everyone,
Because the event is filled with so much to do, we are opening the gates at 9am. The first court will probably be around 10 am. There will be a lunch provided by Mistress Mari and  HE Mistress Gefjon. Looking forward to that. Then somewhere around noon to 1pm the fighting and A&S will start.  Dinner will be served around 6-7 and the site closes at 11. This schedule is depending on how long the court is and what happens durring the day. The only definites are the opening time and the closing time. Looking forward to seeing everyone that is showing up. It seems that a large crowd is coming to see our changing of the guard. Yori, Ugg and I are looking forward to the day. 

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