[Artemisia] Pets and Halloween

Dawn Tavares dtavares1 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 24 11:36:04 CDT 2005

No, this is not a list of URLs to photos of animals dressed in silly 

This is a reminder to keep your pets under close watch for the next ten 

Every year there seems to be at least one story in the Salt Lake media about 
some poor black cat or white dog that's been mutilated and killed as part of 
some "ritual" sacrifice to the holiday. Initial reports usually speculate on 
the involvement of pagans/wiccans/goths; months later, when an arrest is 
made--if an arrest is ever made--the sadists turn out to be drunken teens 
looking for cheap thrills.

Whether you believe this ugliness occurs in your neighborhood or not--for 
the sake of the animals you love, play it safe.

Keep your cats indoors at night at least until November 2. Black cats are 
particularly vulnerable; several of the Utah shelters will not allow black 
cats to be adopted until well past the holiday. Pure white animals are at 
risk as well, especially if they're small enough to be carried off: Rabbits, 
puppies, guinea pigs. Don't let Fluffy be taken to grade school for 
show-n-tell just yet. Even fancy chickens and petting zoo goats have been 
known to disappear.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Until their mangled bodies are found....

With Halloween falling on a Monday, we're in a for a long weekend of little 
costumed strangers trekking up to the porch light for treats. That also 
means lots of bigger costumed strangers pulling tricks. Most of them are 
harmless. Most.

Don't let your pet become a victim.

cat lover,
pet owner,
retired goth

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