[Artemisia] Rumors of 40th Year

Julia Jackman-Brink julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu
Thu Oct 27 08:46:32 CDT 2005

Rebecca Mikkelsen wrote:
> If I understand the story correctly, the Society did not receive any bids for 40
> year.  Except one from HL Morgan Wolf but he sent it after the fact.  So 
> the
> Society canceled the event.  I believe this is An Tir's unoffical 40 year.
> However certainly worth looking into.
> Landolf, Corwin, Marisa and I submitted a 40-year bid during the second 
> reign of Konrad and Kortland.  We never heard back from the Society 
> Seneschal.
> Rebecca

I understand there were also early bids from Atenveldt and Calontir too. 
It may just be that the Board felt there wasn't enough local support or 
infra-structure in areas that sent bids. It takes alot to host a really 
large event. Economics, facilities, volunteers,...Who knows. I think 
there were lots of people thinking about it, but not alot of collective 
action. It falls right in line with the general participation the last 
couple of years.


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