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ShadowKnight shadow4549 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 20:22:18 CST 2005

I would like to get the information since I won't be able to attend Collegium. Kinda busy up here with the thesis.
Domo Arigato
Lord Minamoto Genkuro Kagetane

"Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark" <cat at rocks4brains.com> wrote:
I've had several people ask me about getting copies of the Headless 
House Fighting Manual, William the Lucky's opus on learning SCA 
armoured combat. (For those who are not familiar with Lucky, he's a 
quadruple peer, which might call his sanity into question though it is 
indisputable that he's made a huge contribution to the SCA, including a 
term as society marshal.) I have contacted Lucky and ascertained that 
the Headless House manual is still available. It's $15 including 
postage, which is essentially what it costs Lucky to make copies of it 
and ship it. When I was still teaching my novice classes back in 
Cynagua, I usually gave my students a copy because in my opinion, it's 
probably the best work I've seen on learning how to fight, in part 
because it's written so any novice will understand it without being 
condescending - but it still has plenty of gems that would stand you in 
good stead even after getting belted. If you've seen me give the 
little talk I do on sweet spots and the engineering mechanics of swords 
as beams clamped one end, that's one of the things that Lucky worked 
out. He's someone who's taken the time to think about the engineering 
and physics of fighting but can still explain in terms that anyone can 

I know there are folks both in 1000 Eyes and Twae Linnes interested in 
copies. It's only fair to let others know that Lucky's manual is still 
available. If people are interested, I can collect money at Collegium 
next week and do one big order (which Lucky would likely appreciate 
since it's less discrete packages for him to have to mail) and then 
pass them out at Soltice. If you're not going to collegium (which we 
all should be doing, yes?) I can send you the ordering info via email 
so you can contact Lucky directly. I can dig my copy out the box it's 
in in the garage and bring it to Collegium next week (and also see if 
if Reinmar can bring his too) if people like to eyeball the manual 
prior to committing money.

Anyway, that's the scope on the Headless House Training Manual. So tell 
me if you're interested and we'll see what we can do.


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