[Artemisia] Fw: Estrella Artisans showcase/Laurels Prize, Queens Tea

Rick Olson olsons5 at sunvalley.net
Wed Sep 7 20:44:15 CDT 2005

It is not too early to think about Estrella, and if you like to display your
Arts & Sciences please read on-

Subject: Estrella Artisans showcase/Laurels Prize, Queens Tea

> Greetings!
> Please distribute this e-mail to any and all whom would be interested.
> My name is Lady Seg'Oshka "trouble" Unegen Zhena of the Kingdom of
> Atenveldt. My Mistress HE Mistress Candace van Zanten is the Autocrat of
> this years Estrella War Artisans showcase/Laurels Prize and Queens Tea,
> I am her co-autocrat.
> As we are in great hopes that all the fine artisans will display their
> wears of wonder, we also have added and made a few changes to this years
> event.
> As is the tradition of this showcase we are in hopes that the Laurels
> will come and gift the artisans with their comments, advice, praise and
> tokens if they like. Please do know that the Artisans showcase/Laurels
> Prize is a display for all within the society. No documentation is
> required but it is most welcomed. This is not a competition but rather a
> display, a chance to talk with the Laurels and the populace about your
> art, and it indeed is by this, that others are inspired. ALL are welcome
> to both display and to look upon our fine Societies Art.
> This year we are adding the Culinary arts and Bardic arts with the
> Queens Tea. These two arts will be able to provide their art within a
> suitable environment. However, there are some rules to this that the
> artisan must be aware of. We will need to have all Bardic and culinary
> artists sign up to display by January 1st 2006. They may do so via web,
> phone or regular mail. All Culinary artists will be given a table to
> display their item/items. They must decorate their table, provide a menu
> listing ingredients, and be prepared to serve their items at the tea.
> We have created a web e-list to share information on this event and to
> provide answers to any questions that may arise. There is also a place
> within the list to sign up. This page is open and all are welcome upon it.
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ASLPQT/
> Thank you so very much... We hope to see you there!
> HE Mistress Candace van Zanten O.L.
> AKA Jean Connell
> Lady Seg'Oshka "trouble" Unegen Zhena
> AKA Lee Kitts
> 623-435-1782
> Please call for address if needed.

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