[Artemisia] need information in period punch embroidery

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Sep 12 19:43:20 CDT 2005

I've never seen references to this as a type of embroidery known in the 
SCA time period, and I've got most of the standard references for such. 
  It may be that your sources (you said you'd seen "plenty [of] 
references") are misinformed, or it may be that you've got sources of 
which I'm unaware.  If you can give me more details about them, I could 
do some further digging for you.
--Mst. Maire (period needlework, late period costuming, etc.)

Kathy McCrite wrote:
> Greeting good gentles of Artimesia
>       I am trying desperately to find documentation on period punch needle
> embroidery.  I see plenty references to this type of embroidery. some even
> say it goes back as far as the Egyptian empire. That is great. But I need
> hard documentation.  Museum pieces etc. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated
> IYS  THL Eneas MacConcarrigy.   (Lady Mom)
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