[Artemisia] Harvest War Update

Nina of the Lost Caverns nina at oakenstaff.org
Thu Sep 15 05:59:46 CDT 2005

To All of our Good Friends in Artemisia,

Harvest War is upon us and I thought I'd let you know about a few last 
minute updates.

Uncle George's minions have decided to play a practical joke on all 
travelers, deciding to shift the milestones on the great highway known 
at I-15.  While the name of the street one must exit from the highway 
remains the same, the exit number has changed from #364 to #362.  So 
here are the updated directions:

Directions to Harvest War: Take your best route to I-15 and then to 
Brigham City. Take the 1100 South exit (Exit 352) east toward the 
mountains. 1100 South will turn into Highway 91 after 2 stop lights. 
Follow Highway 91 into the canyon approximately 3.5 miles to the first 
Mantua exit. After exiting in Mantua, take the first right (following 
the "Box Elder Campground" brown signs). Follow the signs to SCA Troll.

Fire Restrictions: Even with the rain we have received lately, fires 
are still a considerable hazard.  So at the request of the Camp Host, 
we are maintaining the following fire restrictions:
	• 	Open fires are allowed only in the designated fire pits.
	•	No tiki torches.
	• 	No other open flames.

Quite Hours and Drumming: Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 6 am throughout 
the site. Drums are allowed only on the battlefield, in the upper 
camping area and in the merchant area until 10 pm. Quiet drumming will 
be allowed to continue in the upper camping area after 10:00 pm as long 
as the Camp Host does not find it too noisy.

In Service and Friendship,


TH Lady Nina of the Lost Caverns
mka: Kim Schreuders
Steward of Harvest War
(435) 563-0317, (435) 770-3940

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