[Artemisia] RE: Horsy for dinner...

Sondra Gibson sgibson at edulog.com
Tue Sep 20 17:27:28 CDT 2005

LOL!  IMO rabbit is good just about any way you cook it!  (but then my
grandma was from Kansas and made a *wonderful* stewed bunny!)  As far as the
horse goes, the stuff we used to get was great just thrown on the grill with
garlic and salt and pepper!  


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> Wow, one flippant remark and we have a whole new discussion, one that
> doesn't involve "Morgan is such a $#*@#(*^@(^$%" (nice 
> change, that) ;-)
> Excellency, it's been my (unfortunate) experience that just 
> about anything,
> when "cut and cooked right" (read "lots of seasoning") is 
> tasty.  I still
> love a good fried rabbit.
> Morgan
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Not to offend any horse lovers, but many years ago (in a land far away) I
knew a guy who would sometimes bring home nice cuts of horsemeat from the
butcher shop where he worked (don't ask - it's a long story).  While the
meat was darker than beef, and seems to be longer fibered, when cut and
cooked right it's extremely tasty.....


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