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Listed below is information for horses for the Kingdom
Equestrian Championship that will be held during the
Crown Tourney event.

IMPORTANT:  If you plan to bring a horse, please
contact Lady Auraelia so you can reserve a stall.

There will be rental horses available.  Contact
information is listed below.


Requirements and Recommendations for bringing horses
to Crown Tourney, October 7 - 9, 2005 


1.	Equestrians need to check in with either the
Equestrian Marshal in Charge or Equestrian Event
Steward upon arrival.  
2.	All equestrians will be responsible for horse care
and arena duties.
3.	Please provide transport papers, and proof of
Coggins test.  See the EMIC or the Eq. Steward before
unloading your horse.  
4.	There are stables available by reservation.  The
fee is $5.00 a night. 
5.	Please provide feed and bedding for your horse.
6.	All horse owners will be asked to assist with
stable watch.  A list will be available for sign-up.
7.	All riders need to be authorized.  Riders who are
not authorized need to inform the EMIC at check-in so
arrangements can be made to authorize before
8.	Weapons will be inspected prior to tournaments.
9.	Equestrian riders should be familiar with kingdom
rules and regulations.  A copy can be found at the
kingdom website www.artemisia.sca.org.


1.	It has been firmly established that the West Nile
virus is in Idaho.  Vaccination is strongly
2.	Strangles vaccination is recommended.

General Information

Rental horses will be available.  Please contact
Mu’allemah Yaasamiin at 
208-935-1537 or yasmeena at juno.com for information.

Contact information

Equestrian Event Steward: Lady Auraelia 208-939-7684
or idaho at attglobal.net
EMIC: Sir Landolf at pan_landolf at hotmail.com

Lady Auraelia de Medici
Arn Hold Minister of Stables
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