[Artemisia] Any War news yet?

Dawn Tavares dtavares1 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 21 11:27:28 CST 2006

I'm surprised no one has yet announced the major developments that took 
place on the field and during Kingdom court.  Being that I was not present 
for any of the battle-related victories, I'm a bit uncomfortable being the 
first to spread the news. And I'm sure the Pelicans would prefer to trumpet 
the news of their newest members. (yes, plural birds)

I will say this much: THL Constance de la Rose was rightly awarded first 
place in the Arts & Science competition for her amazing 12-year-old 
metheglin. Of all the herbal-flavored meads entered, hers was the only one 
to score 9's and 10's consistently on all of the judging sheets. Her classes 
on period herbs and bathing salts were overflowing with students.

Her victory could not, alas, secure the A&S war point for Artemisia because 
Outlands/Caid scored higher on overall points--they had more second and 
third places.

Oh, and Her Majesty is now known as The Demon Queen of Artemisia. His 
Infernal Majesty will have to tell the tale behind that title.

With all apologies to Mistress Casamira,

Aurora de Portugal
half-informed war correspondent

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