[Artemisia] Estrella Dust Cough

Elsbet Sleggja elsbet1 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 13:44:08 CST 2006

Bless your kind heart for helping us avoid more agony, Lady Constance!  
  ::cough cough cough::
  Elsbet in Sleggja
  (another Estrella Cough victim, along with Lord Vidar)

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Back to  tea and honey for me,

Jadwiga and any one else battling the Estrella dust  cough,
Tea and honey are very good for any cough, however; you might want  to see if 
you are using a clover honey.  If so, you might want to try to  find a honey 
that is not based on clover.  Estrella is right next to a golf  course which 
had much blooming clover when I drove by it.  This means that  the Estrella 
dust is going to be filled with clover pollen and spores.  If  you use clover 
honey (which is the most common type sold in the stores) those  little spores in 
your throat that are helping to cause the cough are going to  recognize that 
honey as food for them and thank you by becoming even more active  in your 
If you can't find a different kind of honey, you might want to use  white 
corn syrup (Karo or the like) as a honey substitute.  It will give  you the 
gentle coating for the throat and the sweetening without feeding the  cough 
producers.  Honey is still best as it has many other benefits, so try  to find a 
non-clover honey first.  
Lady Constance de la Rose
Barony of Loch Salann
Kingdom  of Artemisia

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