[Artemisia] We need some banners...

DK Wickstrom dkwickstrom at cableone.net
Sun Feb 26 10:57:31 CST 2006

Good morning, Artemisia!

         We have a favor to ask of the artisans of Our fair Kingdom. Per 
the Estrella treaty, Artemisia was to supply two Victory Banners for the 
Archery war point, to be presented to the allied kingdoms who won that 
point. Alas, they were not made in time for the War. And thus, We put forth 
this call, and ask that it be passed along as best as it may- Is there 
within Our Kingdom an artisan or artisans willing to take up this commission?
         The work need not be overly elaborate, and We would like to be 
able to deliver them to Caid and the Outlands within a month or so, if at 
all possible.
         If you have any interest in this task, or know someone who might, 
please direct any questions either to Ourselves or to Duchess Corisande.

         By the way, the Heavy Combat victory banner is currently hanging 
in my living room, and it looks nice. >:-}

         Morgan et Esebell, Artemisia

DK Wickstrom, ska Morgan d'Antioche
DarkHeart Armoury "...a tradition of Fine, Custom Armour
since last Tuesday."

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