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Wow, thanks! *blush*... we had a lot of fun doing those shows, as well as the other 6 performances that weekend. Seeing you and other friendly faces out there really helped.  

As Niccolo has already stated, we will be moving to Caid soon.  I will be leaving around the end of March, and Niccolo will be following me sometime in April.  My friend and I have started a band (The Dervishes) and put together our first album.  We had a wonderful debut performing and selling CDs at Estrella, and I'm moving to L.A. to join my singing partner there and continue our work together.  Although I'm excited about the opportunity to do work that I really love, I'll also miss Artemisia terribly.  I intend to be at Uprising, and my singing partner Lilya also intends to be there.  Bruce doesn't know what his new work schedule will be yet, so we don't know if Niccolo will be at Uprising.  


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Well, considering what I saw at Estrella from someone who looked like  
Mistress Maryam.... Whoooooooooo hooooooooo - you'll shoulda been there!  It  
was a great performance - _both_ of them.  The Dervishes rock and the second  
performance was even better as they were joined by a dancer that looked a  
lot like someone named "Jadi"....

(who stayed for both Sunday night performances - we have some awesome SCA  
talent out there)

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