[Artemisia] We need some banners...

Julia Jackman-Brink julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu
Mon Feb 27 14:12:04 CST 2006

Dawn Tavares wrote:
> His Infernal Majesty fiendishly gloated:
>> By the way, the Heavy Combat victory banner is currently hanging in my 
>> living room, and it looks nice. >:-}

> Come to think of it...I've never seen an Estrella victory banner--heavy, 
> light, or any other flavor. Does anyone have a picture I can pull up?

When I was Kingdom MOAS, the Arts banner we won hung in my living room. 
It should be Duchess Albreda's home now. It went with the office. :)

No picture, but that one was painted silk, in blue with a white and blue 
edging (kind of like stained glass), ESTRELLA XIX spelled out down the 
center with the "SCA A&S Lantern" at the head of the banner. Very spiff.

I think Hachmood Braden has custody of the various Archery Banners. 
You'll have to ask him what they look like.


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