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While there is no problem what so ever with an individual gifting another individual with a paid membership -  payment for site or feast to an event, etc... SCA 'groups' as in baronies, shires, cantons etc,  cannot do that out of the 'groups' funds.  - something about 'enrichment of an individual' and IRS rules for non-profit organizations.. very strict regulations there. 

So for those of you who want to 'directly' help your fellow players, by assisting them with the funds to 
handle their memberships, site fees, etc etc etc... feel free to do so.  Just don't expect the 'organization' to cough up the cash for it... they can't. 

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  > I have known people who, while unemployed and barely keeping a roof over 
  > their heads, gave lots of time to helping set up/take down/organize etc 
  > events, fighter practices and other things (when they weren't job 
  > hunting. --------------------
  >They earned their attendance at that event! But they could NOT spare $35 a 
  >year out of a non-existent budget for membership.

  A group giving memberships to some people is perhaps a good answer for those 
  who could use some help,
  rather than for those who simply choose to play without paying.

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