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One interesting question here is if other Kingdoms (Outlands being one) that
require archery authorizations require membership for such?  I think so.


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Currently, the only restriction or requirement for any archery
tournament in Kingdom law, is the requirement of membership for the
Kingdom Archery Champion, also known as the "Protector of the Gryphon's

Now then, on more local levels, a Barony or Shire may require that their
archery champion be a paid member of that Barony. This does not, and
historically has not, limited who may shoot during the tournament. Only
that the person with A. The highest score. B. Physically lives within
the geographical boundaries of the Barony and C. Is a paid member of
that Barony.

For any other shoot, be it prize or just for fun, pretty much anybody
can join in. Archery is the only martial activity in the SCA whereby
every family member from 8 to 80 (read: all inclusive...) can
participate in.

As for archery awards, if you read the text of the Kingdom Level
"Gryphon and Pheon", and for example Arn Hold's Baronial level "Bowman's
Mark", the text describes someone pretty involved in archery, the craft
and the teaching thereof. More than likely a paid member of the
society.....However, there is nothing written to require it, that I have
ever seen.

The top statement concerning Kingdom Archery Champion, is the only
written requirement I have seen related to "pay to play" for archery in
this Kingdom.


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