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Oooh, 5 years isn't so long!  Let's get a bunch of us "kitted" up properly 
and go!  I want to be a Norman.....just like my Crown Prince!


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> Some of the best shots I've seen so far of this spectacular event. Talk is 
> to repeat it in 5 years... according to my friend Duke Henrik of Havn.
> Enjoy
> Yaasamiin
> (((*)))
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> For those interested, here is a link for a site with literally thousands 
> of photos of both the Hastings 2006 battle reenactment, held on October 14 
> & 15, as well as several other European reenactment events( with some 
> jousting ) from earlier this year. There are hundreds of pictures of the 
> horses and cavalry in action at Hastings. It was the best I have seen and 
> been a participant in. The weather even cooperated!
> These are the best photos I have yet seen of the Hastings reenactment. The 
> clarity and details are wonderful. You can even see me in a few of them. 
> If you were there, you may even find some of yourself, too! I hope you 
> enjoy them.
> Please go to : 
> http://www.webieval.com/menusfr/photosfr.htm
> Henrik of Havn,
> Kingdom of The West
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