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Greetings Arn Hold,  (cc to Artemisia)
  PLEASE read the entire message below this one and be warned.  Kingdom, some on the Arn Hold list do not get the Kingdom list so I am cross posting this for Arn Hold, and also adding my comments on the Kingdom discussion.  Arn Hold, do not participate PLEASE!!!!  This person just contacted Baron Tor and I privately also to ask us to appear.  NO WAY!  Baron Tor and I have had occasion to watch the "wife swap" show.  No matter how nice the people or how decent their relationships, the producers will paint you in as bad a way as possible.  Because "shock tactic" is what their formula is all about, because that is what their viewers want to see.  They will only air the worst possible footage no matter their waivers or promises, I know from family relations who have been involved in another so called "reality" type show how this all works.  This Paige person has been all over the SCA web sites and searched and apparently they have exhausted their East Coast base (show is based
 out of New York?) because many of the Seneschals locally in Artemisia (through our SCA web site links) are getting hit now.  I don't care what the money is, I care more for the reputation of the SCA, for all of usm then to let them air a bunch of mis-guided slanted stuff.  There is no amount of money worth even impugning or putting down my personal honor or risking the reputation of our beloved SCA; and all of you by association.  I have personal family experience with Hollywood and with T.V. with many family members directors, producers, editor, etc....   even if you have a signed contract where you get to screen what is aired first, what good does it do if they get it out there anyway (and they will) and then you have to fight to clean it up after.  The damage has been done no matter what recommpence you can fight in a dragged out court battle to obtain.  I say no way I am doing this!!!! And hoping that no other SCA family will either!!!  
  Baroness Rachel of Arne Hold

Dame Theodora <damethea at inbox.com> wrote:
  Hi, all. 
Apparently these messages are going around again. This was brought up in a class taught by the Society Seneschal at Pennsic. I was cautioned NOT to participate in this and that it is one of those "Trading Spouses" types of shows. Iit would be potentially bad publicity for the group and the individuals involved, as they look to create drama even if it doesn't exist. 

Please avoid this. It is not really something we should bring the Kingdom into.

Seneschal, Loch Salann

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Hi Rachel! 

My name is Paige, I am an associate producer for an ABC Primetime show and we are currently in the process of seeking out and profiling unique and amazing families for upcoming shows. Having read and looked into the SCA, this way of life seems truly unparallel and unique! This is an incredible opportunity for a new experience and a wonderful platform to advocate your extraordinary lives!

If you or someone you know may be interested in discussing this further, please feel free to contact me directly! My information is below! Also, each family that is selected and is on the shows receives a monetary reward of $20,000 and there is also a finder’s fee to those who refer families of $1000 per family recommended! 

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you and more about this Society! 


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