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I can state with certainty that it is legitimate, I checked the ABC website and got the same contact information, and got ABC when I called her number.  I'm not sure which "basic words" she misspelled, nothing lept off the page at me when I read it, but even the smartest and most honest people make minor spelling mistakes now and then.

In short, I do believe your proposed response would be an overreaction, sorry.  This is a person trying to do her job, and she may sincerely believe that her show is as good an opportunity as she stated.  I disagree with her, and have no intention of taking part, but that doesn't mean I should complain to her boss about her.  Really, what would our complaint be?  "Dear ABC, that casting producer Paige for the show Wife Swap is being way too diligent in her job, using all of her resources to find strange people to have on the show!"

Whether we like to admit it or not folks, this is a strange hobby, and we are a bunch of wierdos compared to the "societal norm".  I personally embrace my wierdo-ness, and my wierdo friends, but I can't see getting mad at someone doing their job and asking me to be wierd for their benefit.

My Honor demands that I not do this, as it could make Artemisia and the SCA look bad.  My Chivalry demands that I respect her point of view, and let this topic die, having made my refusal.  

Just my opinon. 

 Morgan Blaidd Du

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Re: The SCA as performing monkeys

Greetings Gentles all,

I'm not sure that it's a legitimate anything. If  m'lady (Term used for 
manners sake only) Paige can't spell basic words, how could any one 
trust her to do right by the SCA? Even if it is really ABC, I'd be 
cautious about it.

I believe that it would be appropriate to register our complaints about 
this behavior. Just because individuals belong to historical 
re-enactment of any form does not mean that we should be disrespected in 
this manner. It is not only dishonorable, it is prejudice, and could be 
considered an abuse of trust.

Please advise if this is an appropriate response. I do not think that 
this incident should be ignored. Other groups have faced similar 
discrimination and it has caused problems. Undoubtedly there will be 
some gentle out there who is foolhardy enough to participate. It will 
reflect badly on us all and may impact our abilities to rent sites, 
recruit new members, and to perform demos and lectures to advance 
Medieval and Renaissance studies.

If they are truly seeking families to participate in that awful show, 
they should be open and not try to couch their activities behind a 
'positive' smokescreen.

I think that we should let our collective voice be heard and tell ABC 
that this is not appropriate behavior.

What say you?

I think a response should be generated and all other Re-enactment groups 
should be advised of this stiuation, Civil War, Sealed Knot, Roman, 
Mountain Man, etc.

This is my thought. I would like to hear from others on the subject.

In service,
Maeve Mac
marmaeve at aros.net
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