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A Rapier?   What?   What kind of intimidation would that be against an intruder?   I have a CLAYMORE next to my headboard.
Padruig McTavish
Bard of Arrows' Flight
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> You... you mean you don't *usually* sleep with your rapier at the head of your 

> bed, tuck into the headboard?
> Er, not that I do that...

Umm, yeah, right  };-)>

> Maitresse Tanglwyst de Holloway
> Barony of Arn Hold
> Kingdom of Artemisia
> -If Batman and Darth Vader fought, Chuck Norris would win.

Herr Tilke von Lehe
Cadet to THL Vilhelm Silberhammer
Guard, House de Holloway
"Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam." - Cicero
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