[Artemisia] Re: Artemisia Digest, Vol 38, Issue 48

earlalan at srv.net earlalan at srv.net
Tue Nov 28 08:58:24 CST 2006

Well.....it was worth a try!  And she really was a very demonic
Queen....and pretty as well...and...oh yeah, she performed miracles as
well!  She managed to keep Count Morgan in line...well, most of the time. 
And that certainly must qualify as a miracle!


>> Why restrict it to fighter practice.  I like Count Morgan's idea.
>> Let's
>> talk about the famed and dreaded Demon Queen of recent memory......
>> Alan
> Trying to change the subject, your Grace?  Hmm???  Did you really
> think we would fall for that?
> ttfn
> Therasia von I'mCompletelyInnocent
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