[Artemisia] Hellsgate Basket class

Sondra Gibson sgibson at edulog.com
Tue Jul 3 18:27:58 CDT 2007


You will not find this in the write up for Hellsgate because I forgot to 
give the information to our event steward and to our local chronicler -- so,

may I say up front that "it's all my fault". Okay, guilt trip is over, now 
to the funstuff.

There will be a GARLIC (as in small basket so can get done and is easy to 
cart home) BASKET CLASS taught by yours truly at Hellsgate sometime Saturday

7/7. If you wish to participate, please contact me no later than 7/5 - 
Thurs. by 5 p.m. so I can go buy the stuff. It will probably run about $5 
each for the round reed (it depends on how much I buy as to the price). 
You need some king of a container to soak your reed in - about 4" deep x 
10-12" round or larger (you're carrying it). It also helps to have some 
small needle-nose wire cutters/pliers to cut the reed. Some yarn or string 
to 'hold things in place' as well as several clothespins (to 'hold things in

place') and a large-eyed large needle plus a pokey stick (can be an awl, but

skewer sticks are better most of the time). If you're missing one of these 
items, it's not the end of the world (remember it's flat and we're nowhere 
near the edge....); someone (probably me) will have her kit with her.

If you already have basket materials and a 'project' basket, please join us.

My email is richardslj at bresnan.com = any questions, let me know.

Yours in service,
HE Bronwen of Irenwold

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