[Artemisia] Wedding Weekend

Kimi Singson sofithecrabby at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 22:26:24 CDT 2007

Just a last minute reminder for all who are planning on attending the Wedding Weekend (this weekend!) at the Castle in Provo to celebrate the nuptuals of Sofi the Crabby and Holmbiorn Sundafyllir please let me know right away so I can plan for the proper amounts of food.

Please send an email to Sofithecrabby at yahoo dot com with the number of people who will be coming.

Lady Sofi the Crabby and Holmbiorn Sundafiller are pleased to
announce that their alter-ego's, Kimi Singson and Howard Pollett, are
finally tying the knot! We invite you to join us July 13-15 at the
Castle in Provo for our wedding reception.

The Castle will be open for all who wish to camp, starting at five pm
on Friday July 13th. Saturday will be filled with a heavy Pas D'Arms,
Rapier Prize Tourney, Boffer Prize Tourney, games, children's
activities and assorted merry-making to be highlighted by a light
dinner at five pm, the ring ceremony at seven and an evening filled
with music, stories and dance. Sunday you can pack up at your leisure
and the site will close at two in the afternoon.

A gentle reminder that while this may be styled similar to
many events that we attend in the course of pursuing our favorite
hobby, it is a private function hosted by two individuals to
celebrate their nuptials and not in any way associated with the above
mentioned hobby. If you need more information please email
sofithecrabby at hotmail dot com.

We look forward to sharing this joyous time with you all!

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