[Artemisia] From the Kingdom Chronicler BIDS FOR OFFICE

Julia Jackman-Brink julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu
Wed Jul 11 15:38:50 CDT 2007

Sage Advice wrote:

> Greetings Gentle Artemisians,
> As I have decided to step down, the time has come for this
> announcement to be made.  I have been in this office 4+ years and have
> reached the point where it is CRITICAL I take on a "deputy" to be
> trained over the next several months to take over this office.  It is
> IMPORTANT the next Chronicler have at least six months of "training"
> and at least one change of Royalty under their "belt" and that time is
> now.

Freydis, While words are never enough, please allow me to say thank you 
so much for your time and hard work!! You rock. :)

As with all of our other Kingdom Offices, if we get no bids for 
replacements, drastic measures can and will be taken. Chronicler is 
another legal office, and just as important as Exchequer or Seneschal, 
and if we don't have one, Artemisia will cease as a business. We can't 
let that happen.

Please take a look at what you do and consider putting your hat in the 
ring. Encourage someone you know that has been a local Chronicler to 
consider moving up. If you think you'd rather administrate than edit or 
do production work, consider putting a team together. 6 months of on the 
job training is a real plus (even in the mundane world) and you also get 
to see and read all of our sister Kingdoms publications on a monthly 

As Freydis said, ask about the job, what it actually entails. You'll 
find it is very different from what it was even five years ago. It is a 
great way to meet the Kingdom at Large as well as network with Kingdom 
Officers and Chroniclers from other Kingdoms. If you find that you are 
indeed interested in bidding for the office, bids should be sent to The 
Crown, Heirs, Society Chronicler, and Kingdom Seneschal. Be sure to 
include a cover sheet, and your SCA and mundane resumes. :)

Kingdom Seneschal

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