[Artemisia] teaching at BW?

Dawn Tavares dtavares1 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 15:39:58 CDT 2007

Our Damned Vicar is bewildered:

>I submitted an offer to teach a class at Barons' War, I have not heard back 
>from the coordinator, should I assume I am not needed to teach?

As a matter of general principle--

Gentlemen willing to teach the fine art of spirits appreciation are always 
needed. Especially when so many young men want nothing better than to chug 
cheap liquor after brawling all day in the sun.

In this particular instance, I suspect Lady Anna is desperately trying to 
keep several wobbly plates spinning while allowing none to crash. She was at 
last night's Forum meeting but had to leave sooner than most. It may be that 
she thought she had spoken to you late when she hadn't, or that she's much 
more worried about digging up judges and enough teachers to fill in the rest 
of the class schedule. She knows you're reliable and well versed in your 
subject. You're holding that class in your camp, right? Not in the A&S tent, 
which is where she has to schedule?

Have faith, O man of the cloth.

On a personal note... I very much hope you don't cancel your scotch-tasting 
class because it's part of the bait I'm using to tempt the Parking Pirates 
down for the event. ;)

BTW, Bjorn is only day-tripping, but I think I have the cart situation 
worked out. Thanks for the effort.



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