[Artemisia] S.M. Stirling, interesting reading

Chuck Heisler Jr. conradvz at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 19:41:32 CDT 2007

Yeah, this mirrors my impression.  I didn't think the SCA made a great impression.  Although, we are all prepared for the combat part mostly.
  But the series was good.  I also liked his Nantucket stories.  Mostly, its a fun read.  I do recommend them.

Julia Jackman-Brink <julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu> wrote:
  S CLEMENGER wrote:

> It's the Alien Space Bats, you goober! ;o) (sheesh....some engineers....)
> --Maire, who's read all three in the series to date, and enjoyed them.....

Read all three, enjoyed them...noticed the author has a serious chip on 
his shoulder regarding the "Society types". Probably got beat up at a 
practice somewhere on the I-5...Other than that they were an interesting 
read. Now if book 4 will ever come out...


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