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Slight correction on the Basic Seamanship classes:
Emergency Shipboard Response will be taught by Lord Thieron de Lioncourt and
Improvised Weapons and Defense will be taught by Signoria Xeno Della Lama.

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Greetings, All.
The following is the latest version of the overall schedule.  Hopefully the
information will
also be posted to the Kingdomk webpage as a link from the calendar.  

Please email me directly with questions.


Thursday, July 26, 2007
3PM	Site Opens
After Dinner	Kids' Crafts and Site Orientation
After Dinner	Archery Range open for practice (until dark)
Evening	Informal Bardic/Twilight Croquet

Friday, July 27, 2007
9AM	Archery Range open for practice, IKAC and Sagittarii shoots
10AM	Viking Glacier Melt for Kids (until the ice melts)
10 - 11:30	Dame Rachel's "Pleating - Rolled, Cartridge, and Knife"
Class (Classroom 1 - Limit 15)
11 - Noon	H.E. Casamira's "How to Turn a Mundane Feast into a Medieval
Feast" Class (Classroom 2)
11:30- 12:30	Archery Range Closed for Lunch
12:30 - 4PM	Archery Range Open (also HL Morgan's Tournament)
1 - 3PM	HL Jaquelinne's "Bliaut:  The 12th Century Dress" Class (Classroom
1 - 3PM	Lady Danielle's "Advanced European Dance" Class (Classroom 2) 
1 - 4PM	Kingdom Museum and Volunteer points open
2 - 3PM	Lord Aghren's "On Site Breadmaking:  The Sponge Method" class
(Classroom 1 - Bring a Dutch Oven)
2 - 3PM	Stepana Catriona's "Basic Seamanship: Shipboard Emergency Response"
Class (Classroom 2 - Age 15 and over, bring pencil and paper)
3 - 4PM	Stepana Catriona's "Basic Seamanship:  Improvised Weapons" Class
(Classroom 2 - Age 15 and over, bring pencil and paper)
3 - 4PM	Lady Johanne's "The Well Dressed Swordsman" Class (Classroom 1)
3 - 5 PM	Armored Combat:  Barons Friendship Battle
Afternoon	Rapier Scenarios
4PM - 5PM	HL Ivegard's "Norse Sagas" Class (Classroom 2)
4PM - 5PM	HL Morgan's "Period and Non-Period Arrow Fletching" Class
(In his camp - bring a 1/4" dowel or your own materials - Limit 10)
4PM	Hound Coursing
4PM 	Archery Range Closed
Afternoon	Kingdom Kids' Kazoo Corps (before dinner time)
After Dinner	Archery Range open for practice (until dark)
7pm	Opening Court/ Sable and Or Ball (after court) 

Saturday, July 28, 2007
9AM 	Hound Coursing
9AM	Archery Range Open - Archery Tournament List Open
9-10AM	Armor Inspections
9:30AM	Maestro Azir's Youth Helmet Decorating Competition (table in Kingdom
10AM	Kingdom Museum and Volunteer Point Open (all day)
Morning	After First Battles of Rapier and Armored Combat - Plunder the Dead,
then Gypsy Gaming Tent for kids
10AM	Archery List Closes, Range closes for Tournament Setup
10-11AM	Arts and Sciences Competition Registration Begins
10:30AM	Barons' War Archery Tournament Begins
11 - 2	Arts and Sciences Competition Judging
11:30- 12:30	Archery Range Closed for Lunch
12:30 - 3PM	Archery Tournament Continues
1 - 4 PM	Youth Combat Melee: War of the Blondies!!
2 - 5PM	Laurel's Display and Arts and Sciences Competition Display
3 - 4 PM	Archery Range Open for Practice (all but practice range
3 - 5 PM	Royalty of Artemisia Tournament
4 - 5 PM	Tally Youth Chivalry Cards
5PM	Pick up all Arts and Sciences Entries
6PM	Feast is served
8PM	Royal Court and Hafla with Darbuka

Sunday, July 29, 2007
9:30AM	All Volunteer Cards must be turned in
10AM	Children's Court
Morning	(Immediately following court) - Youth Treasure Hunt Site Cleanup
Morning	(Immediately following Court) - Volunteer Banner Announcement/Raffle
2pm	Site Closes

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