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Stephanae Baker stephanae at countryrhoades.net
Wed Jul 25 14:12:23 CDT 2007

Perhaps apples and oranges in that de Lint writes adult fiction and  
Potter is children's fiction, but certainly they are both urban  
fantasy genre--magical things happening beneath our noses in the  
everyday, modern world. And de Lint is really, really good at it!  
Also, if you love de Lint and you haven't read Last Call by Tim  
Powers, I highly recommend you try it! Powers isn't always spot on  
for me, but I love a lot of his books.


On Jul 25, 2007, at 1:00 PM, Lady Syeira of Schattentor wrote:

> I LOVE Charles DeLint!!!!He is soooo different from anyone else.
>   But I really don't think you could compare it to the Harry  
> Potter. I see it as a definate apple and orange type of thing.
>   Syeira
> Stephanae Baker <stephanae at countryrhoades.net> wrote:
>   Pffft. Definitely cross-geeking. Besides, if we're going to cross-
> geek into urban fantasy, could we please discuss an author who really
> does it well? Charles de Lint or Tim Powers, maybe?
> Before you throw stones at me for my anti-Potterism, let me state
> that I don't think the books are bad (in fact, I like Rowling better
> than Stirling, whom somebody mentioned here recently); I just don't
> think they're all that and get sick to death of the buzz. I will read
> the 7th one eventually, I imagine. Okay, now I'm ready to duck the
> stones.
> Belladonna

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