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It was both kinds of abuse in this case.  Because of the situation (long story) I'm not legally allowed to go into details on a public stage.  However, both boys were emotionally and physically abused, as well as a fairly long-standing history of neglect and abandonment when they were finally put into state custody.  If you want the story on a one-on-one basis, find me at Baron's War and I'll tell it to you.I would argue about Harry never demonstrating that neediness, though.  I can't remember if I actually posted my thoughts or if I just thought them.  I think that one of the reasons that Harry never specifically shows the same signs we would be used to of a child in that situation is that he is immediately thrust into the limelight, where almost every adult and child around him is in awe of him.  He has an overabundance of attention, so he is allowed to partake of it at his whim.  He feeds into it at times, then draws back entirely.  He is sporadic and unreliable in his emotional state, especially once he comes to rely on other people emotionally, which is another sign of a child from an abusive/neglectful/abandoned past.  When he does start to really trust his friends, he starts lashing out at them (book 5, I never really believed that was ALL Voldemort).  He is the championed hero from the very beginning, and he excels at most of what he does.  He is also trying to do better, craving that success and accomplishment.  And, he is not raised in an environment of complete disregard.  Only as the inferior child to a much favored child.  He is usually fed, and can sneak food when he is hungry, he is taken on trips, when he doesn't go on them he spends the days with (I can't remember her name...the squib down the street with the cats), who is nice to him.  No, it wasn't an ideal childhood, far from it.  But, until he was discovered to have magic and has found his home where people care for him, he is not truly ignored by the Dursleys.-Maysun> From: stephanae at countryrhoades.net> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:22:39 -0600> To: artemisia at lists.gallowglass.org> Subject: Re: [Artemisia] Harry Potter> > Your sentences below only prove my point. Yes, I believe a person can  > be saved or changed (usually, I'm not so sure about the foreign  > orphans with affective disorders developed by not being loved or  > touched practically from birth). But Harry never demonstrates any of  > those behavior problems or very much of that need. And he doesn't  > truly get a lot of kind hands or guiding words. Also, "much worse  > abuse" is very subjective. Being physically abused isn't necessarily  > worse than being in an atmosphere of nearly utter disregard. I  > believe lack of caring can actually be even worse.> > Belladonna> > > On Jul 25, 2007, at 4:03 PM, Andrea Waddell wrote:> > > Both failed many, many foster homes because of behavior problems.   > > They both went through much worse abuse than Harry did, but are  > > fantastic young men now.  A kind hand and a guiding word can change  > > the course of a life, no matter how late it shows up.> _______________________________________________> Artemisia mailing list> Artemisia at lists.gallowglass.org> http://lists.gallowglass.org/mailman/listinfo/artemisia
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