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Kristin Gulling-Smith kgullingsmith at bresnan.net
Wed Jul 25 20:02:34 CDT 2007

Baroness Antoinette wrote:
> Since so many of you have read the same things I did growing up, maybe you can help me identify a series. I have forgotten who the author was and all of the titles to the books. The only specific thing I can remember is it was about the seventh son of a seventh son. It was fantasy and the seventh son had magical abilities and had to do something with it. I think he may have also had to find various objects but I could be mixing that up with something else I read. If anyone knows the series I am thinking of I would love the author and/or names of the books. I have already been getting my nieces and nephew interested in a lot of the fantasy I read when I was young and would love to include these.

Might it actually have been The Dark is Rising series? Here's a writeup 
of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Is_Rising

That was always one of my favourite series of books growing up. (And 
"significant changes" or not, I'm looking forward to the movie.)

(now back to lurking)

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