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JRoss007 at aol.com JRoss007 at aol.com
Fri Jul 27 03:51:16 CDT 2007

Been Reading and rereading  " VIKINGS , The North  Atlantic Saga " By 
Fitzhugh and Ward. Published by the Smithsonian National  Museum of Natural History. 
   Rally nice read on a number of different subjects. I think it  was a 
textbook for someone in Bozeman in '05. Got left at The Hardees I was  running 
there, left in the store for the last 8 of the 11 weeks that I was  there, so in 
true Viking fashion, I took it home.   Lots of nice pics  of relics and 
artifacts. Info on " The Farm Beneath the Sand " in Greenland,  and  "  L'Anse aux 
Meadows " are real eye openers. Definitely wanted  to get me a Norse persona. <G>
    Lord Eoin , (The Viking Wannabe)

Quoting "Chuck Heisler Jr." <conradvz at yahoo.com>:

>  Does anyone in the SCA read history anymore?
>    CvZ

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