[Artemisia] Fighters - How tough are you??

Sam Risho qadidahoud at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 11:27:43 CDT 2007

Greetings to all warriors of the realm,

The Brotherhood of the Black Unicorn, is sponsoring a tourney at Whipping Winds IV, which takes place on the weekend of the 24th of August in Shelby, MT.
This Housecarl Tourney is open to all fighters, and is not for the feint of heart.  This tourney is probably one of the most challenging and hardest of all the heavy weapons fighting tourneys around.
If you consider yourself a true warrior, and feel up to the challenge, by all means continue reading.....
Every warrior must fight at least 10 duels in five different weapon styles.  At least three of those fights in every style, must be against Knights or Housecarls.   This guarantees at least 50 fights per person.  
The five weapon styles for this year will be: Shield and Weapon, Spear, 4 foot mass weapon of choice, Great Sword, and Dagger.
The tourney is run for 20 minutes in every style (make your fights quick) with 5 minute breaks in between.  The entire tourney is run in 2 hours!! All fights are picked and get reported as wins and losses. 
Did you get that?  AT LEAST 50 FIGHTS PER PERSON, IN 5 STYLES, IN 2 HOURS!!!
To be victorious, you must win at least 70% of all of your fights that day, and not lose at more than 50% in any one style.  
As of yet, there have only been 4 victors.
We have also decided to make this a benefit tourney, in honor of our good friend M'lord Roibeard MacCarthaigh, who has recently passed away.  We are asking that everyone who enters the tourney to give a monetary donation of your choice to help his family.  
The tourney will be held on Friday afternoon, after the heat of the day.
If this tourney isn't enough to bring you WWIV, this event also offers much more.  There is a ton of melee combat on Saturday, the Principality of Avacal has come down to challenge our border.  There is tons of archery, there is a soup kitchen and a roast, drumming, dancing, and many more activities --- go find the event announcement...
I look forward to seeing you all there at Whipping Winds IV !!!!!
~Qadi Dahoud
Brotherhood Housecarl

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