[Artemisia] Ice activity at Baron's War

BECKY LEISHMAN leishman10 at msn.com
Tue Jul 31 16:58:43 CDT 2007


I heard that several people were asking about the logistics of the kids ice activity at Barons War. 
Wish I could take credit for the cool (in more ways than one) idea, but alas, I found the idea in 
an issue of the Libellus, a newsletter written by MOY's for MOY's, developed and sponsored by Tina Layne from Kailua, HI aka Gwen Pengrych.  Access to the newsletters is free, however, it is helpful to send her a donation from time to time to help support the cost of the web page and/or printed copies of the newsletters. 

The subject for this activity is 'Treasure Ice', written by Caelfind Ingen Chathassaig.  The only thing I did differently is I made bling cubes first.... froze a lot of the stuff into ice cube trays so that they could be better distributed during the main freezing process.  The author is very accurate in stating that it takes a long time to make a cube of this size... I think we worked on it daily for almost a month.  It also gets very very heavy, so be sure you have a strong person around to lift it in and out of the freezer.  Would I have done anything differently?  Probably found a box that was longer and more shallow and use that... course then we have the whole issue of finding space for it in the freezer... or freeze two ice blocks and merge them sometime in the final freezing process. 

To get to all the issues of the Libellus, go here:  

Page down to August, 2005, Volume 2, Issue 3<http://www.freewebtown.com/JamesandGwen/Libellus_August_Issue_5.pdf> 

The instructions for this are on page 14 and 15. 

If you haven't been here before, take the time to look at and download some of her other issues.... lots and lots of fun ideas for kids.  Never again should you find yourself without an idea for a kids activity. 

Oh yes, and if you have an activity that you think is fun and/or interesting for kids, send it to her for publication.  


Builder of the Frozen bling cube at BW 2007

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