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Wed Aug 6 12:39:15 CDT 2008

>one question can I still send in ideas for scenarios even though we 
>are no longer a Principal Kingdom? 
>Maestro Don Azir de Lucera 
>OP,DWS,KRM Artemisia 

Greetings Artemisia!
I wished to echo His Grace Alan's reply and say that the Principal Kingdoms for Estrella War XXV invite any and all attendees at Estrella to submit their ideas for combat scenarios for the event, regardless of their Kingdoms of residence. 

A good idea is a good idea, regardless of where it originates, and no one is better qualified to suggest combat scenarios for Estrella than the armored and rapier combatants who participated in Glorious combat at the Estrella War.

See the link on the HOME page of www.estrellawar.org if you wish to submit a scenario suggestion, and remember suggestions need to be sent by August 23rd to be considered for the draft Treaty the Crowns/Heirs will discuss at negotiations on Oct 18, 2008.

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan
Estrella War Treaty Coordinator  

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