Zafirah Tahreer Bint Al Riyah zemlar at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 6 12:37:33 CDT 2008

> Maestro Don Azir de Lucera

> Greeting My Brothers and Sisters of the sword
> Beings that Artemisia will not be a Principal Kingdom at
> Etrella this next year.
> Who wants us to be on their side? we are up for
> hire/bribes ect.

Black Hands will be attending and welcome ALL fighters to join with us.  We pay in marbles.  Marbles are fun to trade, collect, bet with, etc.

> one question can I still send in ideas for scenarios even
> though we are no longer 
> a Principal Kingdom?

I am guessing since they posted to the Artemisian List they are welcoming even us non-principals to participate in recommending scenarios.

Alan Wrote:

> bribes would be beneath an
> Artemisian's 
> dignity...<bg>.

Yes but what about Schtick?!! and playing the game with a sense of humor?  Besides, marbles are pretty and fun to play with.

We are all welcome to play the game our own way.  But I do reiterate, Black Hands welcome all fighter to join with us at Estrella in '09.  And Don Azir, we would be MOST honored to hire your esteemed self to fight with us.

Zafirah Tahreer Bint Al Riyah
Member of the Black Hands of Merchold


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