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To All Marshals, and Particularly, to all Combat Archers, please read the following.

Unfortunately, the problem described below was not isolated to Pennsic.  There were also issues at Gulf Wars and An Tir - West war, so this has been a hot topic of conversation on the KEM list.

Please make the appropriate alteration to CA arrows.

Sorry for the bandwidth, but we need to get this new ruling out as far and wide as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact me off list.

Alan, Artemisian Earl Marshal.
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To catch up those people who were not at Pennsic, there were a number of incidents of helm penetrations.  Specifically there were 4 penetrations that were all Siloflex/RubberStopper style.  In at least one case, the rubber stopper itself also went into the helm slightly.  In two cases, the penetration caused minor injury.  (One ruptured blood vessel in an eye, another got a black eye).

There was also a case of a polearm entering a helm and touching someone's cheek in the woods battle (without incident).

Much discussion was held at the Marshal's meeting, and decisions were made.  Hrothgar and I discussed wording of the ruling, and here it is:


Effective immediately by the Society Earl Marshal & the Deputy Society Earl Marshal for Combat Archery, the following changes to equipment are required due to repeated incidents of helm penetrations:

* Combat Archery ammunition may have at most 1" thick padding on the tip after taping.

* All UHMW & Siloflex/Rubber Stopper ammunition must have a side wrap of foam added that brings the total diameter of the blunt to at least 1.5" after taping.  This wrap must extend from the tip to at least 1/2" over the UHMW or Siloflex itself.

* All fletches on any arrows, bolts, or thrown weapons can project no further than 1/2" from the shaft, or must be 1.5" thick.

* NOTE:  All Marshals need to be rigorous in their inspections of all tips (arrows & thrusting) and mass weapons.  Ensure that the foam is firm, will not bend over, returns to shape when compressed, and can not be easily pushed into a legal helm more than 1/2".



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