[Artemisia] Gryphon's Lair Archery Tourney

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Mon Aug 11 15:45:11 CDT 2008

Archers of the Realm:

For those who haven't yet gotten the word: If you weren't at Midge Marsh for the archery (and all the rest of the fun), you missed a great one.  m'Lord Arthen, Captain of Archers for The Lair and Kingdom Archery Champion, put on a great shoot.  Skill, endurance, and savvy were the order of the day.  We have had some great tournaments this year, and this one ranked with the best.  

17 archers started, with 15 completing
Lord Bjorn Hrafnsen Ohnstad won the tourney overall
Ian ap Arthen ap Rhun won the Baronial Championship
THL Ryryd ap Gwerstan and m'Lord Karl von Metelen took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
Karl was also recognized as most chivalrous archer of the day.  He shot with my Stick, and I must acknowledge Karl was most courteous and a pleasure to share the range with.

Their Highness held a short Court prior to the beginning of the shoot, recognizing Bjorn and Arthen as our newest Rangers of Artemisia.

Arthen will be designing the Tourney for Harvest War.  Do not be twice regretful.  Come to Harvest War!

Ryryd ap Gwerstan
Interim Archer General
Kingdom of Artemisia

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