[Artemisia] Attention all Scribes

Valerie Scarbrough vscarbrough at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 00:40:53 CDT 2008

Greetings to all the talented scribes of Artemisia (and please excuse the bandwidth),
I have been honored with the job of helping Their Royal Highnesses Timmur and Tianna make sure they have beautiful scrolls for the awards they will be giving out during their reign.  
Since we don't want to descend into the "dark ages" of pre-prints and promissories, I need the help of any of the wonderful scribes of Artemisia willing to take scroll assignments during their reign to send me the following information:
What is your contact information including Mundane and SCA name, phone number and email address?
What group are you from?
What level of scrolls do you feel comfortable doing, i.e. AoA, Grant, Peerage, etc.?
Do you do illumination only, calligraphy only, or both?
How much lead time do you NEED in order to complete a scroll?
How many scrolls per month/event do you feel you can handle?
Is there any other information I should know about you as a scribe that would help me match scroll assignments to you?
I would like to try to have award scrolls done by people in the recipient's own group, or by those that know them so that we can have them be as personal as possible.  
Knowing the kind of people that I am asking for help here, I feel confident thanking you all in advance for all the amazing artistry and beauty that will be created in service for our Crown and Kingdom.
HL Bethany of Windermere
p.s. If you will, please email information to glmoas at hotmail.com, my other inbox is terribly full of junk mail.
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