[Artemisia] A correction in the Sage...

Laurlee Harbig loreann at midrivers.com
Tue Aug 26 07:20:56 CDT 2008

I got my Sage yesterday and I was thumbing through it and seen our Demo listed for the 20th of Sept. (yaaa!). Anyhoo, one small correction, it was just a typo I'm sure. If you need to contact me I'm at Loreann at midrivers.com  not orann at midrivers.com.  Just thought I would say something. It would be best to contact Lady Sophia, the Wanderer first at Drachenfeld at gmail.com . I have been taking my ques from her.

Oh yea, we do have limited crash space so if you are planning to come and need a place to sleep, please e-mail Lady Sophia so we can set up. A head count would be nice for feast, so again if your planning on coming...well, drop Lady Sophia a line.

God Bless all here...    Lady Enneleyn Lilje
Incipient Shire of Drachenfeld http://www.drachenfeld.org or http://drachenfeld.org 

P.S. I'm handling all the on-line stuff, so if you have any questions let me know.

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