[Artemisia] Kingdom WAR!!!! practice

richard mccarter thorvaldbadaxe at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 26 16:33:14 CDT 2008

Posted on behalf of HRHUnto the nobles of Artemisia does His Royal Highness, Count Timmur Jochan Bahadur, Rightful Heir to the Gryphon Thrones bid you to wield your sword, brandish your spear and join Him in preparation for War!! Rumblings from the southern lands have reached His Royal Ear.  Great armies are gathering in preparation to meet after the snows thaw on the field of Estrella War.  Artemisia's friends and Allies have cried out for our help, and His Highness decrees we shall answer their call. On the day following the Festival of the Ninth Moon, His Highness shall hold a Kingdom War Practice in Gryphon's Lair.  He does command the participation of his fearless warriors to train and prepare for the upcoming WAR!!! Kingdom war practice---September 14th at Layton Commons Park next to the Goofy statue from 10:00 am until we are done.Please contact me if you need directions...Thorvald c-801-726-0155
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