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Thank you for pointing this out.  I apologize for the delay in responding but this missive got caught in my spam folder on my personal email address.  Please remember to send any and all changes to the koasageadvice at gmail.com email address so things like this don't get missed.
Thank you SO MUCH!
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I got my Sage yesterday and I was thumbing through it and seen our Demo listed for the 20th of Sept. (yaaa!). Anyhoo, one small correction, it was just a typo I'm sure. If you need to contact me I'm at Loreann at midrivers.com  not orann at midrivers.com.  Just thought I would say something. It would be best to contact Lady Sophia, the Wanderer first at Drachenfeld at gmail.com . I have been taking my ques from her.

Oh yea, we do have limited crash space so if you are planning to come and need a place to sleep, please e-mail Lady Sophia so we can set up. A head count would be nice for feast, so again if your planning on coming...well, drop Lady Sophia a line.

God Bless all here...    Lady Enneleyn Lilje
Incipient Shire of Drachenfeld http://www.drachenfeld.org or http://drachenfeld.org 

P.S. I'm handling all the on-line stuff, so if you have any questions let me know.
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