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forward by request-
'i Hurddas Morgan Blaidd Du

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Please feel free to pass this on to any other persons or lists.
Come, one and all, to the fair lands of Arrow's Flight to relax, be silly and enjoy each others company for Mystery Event. It will be held at the American Fork Senior Center, 54 South Main, American Fork, UT on March 29, 2008. The festivities will begin at 10:00 am and continue throughout the day and into the night. The day will boast heavy and rapier fighting, both tournament and melee. It will also host Youth Combat tournaments, as well as many Youth Activities. Several Arts & Sciences classes will be taught by the many talented people of the area. During feast, we will be entertained by the gifted musicians and story tellers of these fair lands. Between the songs and stories, we will have the modeling and populous voting for our annual Bad Garb Contest. Our enjoyment of the day will commence with a delicious feast, prepared by Lord Ramon de Javier. The menu is as follows, with a brief description for those with dietary concerns.

Olive Bread (contains milk)
{a non-dairy bread will be available on request} 
Olive dip (contains ricotta cheese) 
Salat- Mixed greens served with Oil and Vinager
Soup- Strawberry Chicken Soup with Almond Creme (Does not contain milk just almonds) 
Meat- Sausage Hedge Hogs (contains nuts)
Egg- Long Frityrs (a Sweetened Omelete contains cottage cheese. 
Ravioli- Spinach and Mint Ravioli (contains cheese) 
Desert- Almond Eggs (Almond Creme Filled Eggs) 

So the dishes to avoid for the Dairy imparied are 
Olive Dip 
Long Frityrs
Olive Bread

For the Meat impaired 
Long Frityrs 
Sausage Hedge Hogs 

Gluten Impaired 

Avoid the Sausage Hedge Hogs 
Understand that this is not a Kosher Kitchen and I'm Goyim 

The soup recipe calls for wine however the sell wine in Moab that has had the Alcohol removed guaranteed for cooking(I don't know why they don't sell it in Provo) however if you think that the scientist who have removed the alcohol are lying you're more than welcome to avoid this dish. 

Well it Lent so you're kinda shot in the foot there. 

Sorry its right out 

Umm yeah see above

I don't think the middle ages were for you 

Lady Allegretza
allegretza at yahoo. com

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