[Artemisia] Crown Tourney Appoaches!!!

Jackman-Brink, Julia Julia.Jackman-Brink at mso.umt.edu
Mon Mar 3 11:35:55 CST 2008


Are your Letters and Forms in?  It's  29 days and counting....

Crown Tourney is fast approaching and Letters of Intent and the
accompanying Entry forms (for combatant and consort) are due!!  Late and
incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Hardcopy or Electronic
submissions are acceptable.

Please note: TRH are having troubles with the Artemisian Heirs account
on Yahoo.  To ensure that your paperwork reaches them.  Please also send
a copy to their home account:  olsons5 AT earthlink DOT net

Entry forms are available via the Kingdom Webpages (Click on EVENTS it
is right next to the link for Crown Tournament and also on the right
margin under Misc.)...Upon request, I can also send them direct.

 A completed entry packet should contain the following:


Letter of Intent to Enter Crown Tourney

Completed Form for Combatant

Completed Form for Consort


As I did last with Crown, I will send out more reminders this month, but
once again:  


The Deadline for Entry to Crown Tourney is MARCH 31st. 

Yours in Service;


Kingdom Seneschal


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