[Artemisia] DVD of Estrella...

BECKY LEISHMAN leishman10 at msn.com
Wed Mar 5 14:39:48 CST 2008

If you live in the Salt Lake area and are available to leave for the Coronation event sometime between 
noon and 2 pm on Friday, we still have space to take two riders with us. 

You will need to make your own crash space arrangements, my understanding is all 'crash' space is gone, however there are a lot of hotels/motels still available in the Boise area.  I can also let you know more about where we'll be staying if you want to be at the same hotel. 

If interested, contact us offline:   leishman10 at msn.com<mailto:leishman10 at msn.com>
(leishman one zero at msn dot com)

Bethoc and Broka

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