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Does anyong have a copy of "The service of Ladies" by Ulrich Von Liechenstein? 

Raven MacLeod 

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> > Does anyone know of one or several rapier training 
> > sites? my student is very interested is studying 
> > different techniques on line if she can. 
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> > Thank you 
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> > Lady Sybyll 
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> I don't think I'm going to make the practicum, but you should definately go 
> if you can. Lots of good information and networking opportunities for 
> sword-geeks (be prepared to hurt in places you didn't know you had muscles, 
> there'll be lots of drill). 
> Studying on line is hard, but it's a good way to get a decent overview of 
> whats out there. As mentioned, the ARMA (www.thehaca.com) site has partial 
> and complete copies of several period rapier texts on line. www.AEMMA.org 
> has a more complete library, but there's a yearly fee for subscription. 
> www.tattershall.org has lotsa good stuff too, some papers in addition to 
> pdf's of manuals. I didn't see anybody mention www.salvatorfabris.com yet - 
> no translations, but some excellent papers, and a neat little forum. More 
> original research at http://www.drizzle.com/~celyn/jherek/archive.html. 
> I'll reiterate, studying on line is hard, and most of that won't do a new 
> scholar much good at all in practical terms. For something that *will* 
> help... I'll second the recommendation for William Wilsons (Baron Gwyllym ap 
> Owain, OP, OL) "Arte of Defense" - excellent book for a newer student 
> interested in period rapier, Italian style. I have an extra copy floating 
> around somewhere if you'd like to borrow it for a bit. 
> As the weather turns, I'm going to be restarting our study group in the Salt 
> Lake area, which focuses on rapier a la Capo Ferro and C&T of the Dardi 
> persuasion, although we get around the other masters a bit *g*, lemme know 
> if you and your student are interested. Ditto for everybody else, btw, come 
> play! 
> Justin 
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